Division of Cosmic Jokes

Division of Cosmic Jokes

What is imagined quickly turns possible
Our first hires Greek Gods
Out of work millennia
And so cheap

Today they run planets
Homer writes the press releases (few are true)
The winner of our “steal a moon” raffle
Chose Europa, planned a salon-casino
Won the Science Fiction Nobel

When red-striped plants took over Earth Defense
Texted “peace is our profession”
The general staff mutinied
Today most work for the postal service
Satisfaction high but delivery slow

When all the money disappeared
Time travel was allowed, with restrictions:
No twin clones can travel jointly
But if they rewrite history
How can you tell?

Now the future begins before the past
Making the inane feel far more sane
Quickly black holes demanded color control
We tried to respond but can’t quite reach them
Soon the cosmic comedians went on strike
So many planned becoming president
We lacked new countries to fill the demand

But that’s why we exist
To create humor in a lonely universe
The one you’re about to lose