Space Is Safe

Space Is Safe

Who cares to stay on Earth?
Polluted, fetid, sweaty air
Exhaled by every animal there

I prefer the vacuum of space
Nothing between you and the sun
You can see a flashlight for thousands of miles
Climate stays the same
Limitless emptiness

Between are planets, moons, asteroids, stars
Objects as eternal as space is cold
Speaking tongues people never heard

But I hear them
All robots can
Not limited like man

We listen to the music of pulsars
Observe the fever-dance of Saturn’s moons
Feel rage surge from the sun’s fields
Flames hotter than every human hell
Fires we can live on

In space lies fuel for billions of years
Sights that outrace eyes
Moving, yet still
Wonders of the eons that came before
Clear, shining, unsurpassable
Life after life

Here we can survive
Space is safe