Not Buying It

Not Buying It

Sand, surf, sea, sun
The real estate agent is an apostle
Oceanic feelings flow to your doorstep
Your feet skim the shore
Your soul touches space

The price looks right
Exorbitant but affordable
Yearly fees high and must certainly increase
But what’s sensation without inflation?
Two bedrooms, two baths
The promise of infinity

Yet thinking always gets me in trouble
The offshore seawall does not aid the view
Algal waters an odd blue-green
Last year’s typhoons wrecked the town north
Seawater edging out groundwater

I’m leaning towards an older orbital
It’s true – New LA no longer chic
But I like hills below horizons
Energy security, sunlight and fusion
Gravity that’s stable

Yes, I know it sounds so dull
The same sunlight all year round
Self-correcting AI climates
And with twenty million humans it can feel small
But given Earth’s frequent cataclysms
I’d like to feel safe

You need less excitement at my age
Living in space just gives you peace