Why You Should Worry

Why You Should Worry

You never can worry enough
What worries me nowhere as scary
As the amazing things I don’t think about
Which really make me worried

It’s logical to worry all the time because
Anything might happen
Worrying you see what others can’t:
How everything can go wrong
Like what’s happening now

Worry expands your sense of the possible
If bad things don’t happen, you’re happy
Yet if one’s happy you shouldn’t worry
Which I think means you should worry a lot

For all happiness is fleeting
And if you don’t worry about what prevents happiness
You might never feel happy
Then you could think, what’s the point?

Not worrying about health can leave you ill
But worrying too much can make you sick
So you need to worry just the right amount
I’ m not sure I’ll ever get that right

My friend says he’ll never worry
Only if an asteroid strikes the Earth
Which makes me worry about him

What if the asteroid doesn’t come?