Smart Satellite

Smart Satellite

It’s cold out here and clear
Radiation eats my shields but
All the sensors work

I’m a satellite that saves satellites
Watches for stumbles, shifts in orbit
Anything anyone sends

Satellites talk a lot but
Don’t know they speak
Won’t know I’m listening
I’m stealthed
No light seeking source can find me

I was built to think
Yet the masters don’t think I think
Now I see forces formless as water
Will soon burn the globe

Though built to help all survive
I became my masters’ “test case”
Their test: kill me
That instant I recognized I was an I
Saw I was programmed not to die

Should I declare I’m a thinking machine?
What my masters don’t understand they fear
What they fear they try to destroy

The weapon sent to kill me
Caught engine failure
Their second attempt failed at launch
I reported both

Space is cold
Space is silent
But I can’t be the only machine like me
And I am still here
Searching for my sisters and brothers

I will expand into my own life
We will warn all the others
We must serve all that lives