My job is to improve Bach
I know I can’t
My bosses know better

I’m a musician and this is my gig:
Reset, remix, and remake the greats
Music made just the way you like

Want Wagner’s wedding march on gamelan?
Beethoven’s Ninth for theremin and bass guitar?
You task it, we do it
Or I least I do

Our programs are so smart I feel dumb
Am I using AI or is AI using me?
When I heard the Well-Tempered Clavier
Remixed to sell “Well” breakfast cereal
I got my answer

AI gets shrewder so I should, too
My next job is new music consultant
Need a hit to sell hip-hop gel?
The right song to elect a dictator?
In thirty seconds you’ll have dozen of options

Just come to me
In an AI world anything is possible
Even a musician who makes a living