Last of the Line


Some endings never end
I was last of my kind and
Now I’m not?

Others claim they’re my extinct species
Yet I can’t talk to them
Communicate with them
Go to them
Perhaps they’re not who they say?

Our fame only that we were victims
The humans killed all but myself
Perhaps if there were more of us
They might feel a bit less guilt?

And they are a subtle and surprising species
We did not believe genocide possible
I’m living proof how wrong we were

They said they were fearful and attacked
Is that why they killed half their world?
Perhaps if you don’t trust yourselves
Why trust others?
And we looked like “insects”
Very large insects

Now I am less than a bug
Still humans offer me another life
I might become “uplifted”
Live eternal in a virtual world
Copying what they ended

Yet I have seen their secret files
How many died turning AI

The galaxy may not need more ghosts
But I have long lived as one
And my haunting is not yet done