Disappointed Angel

Disappointed Angel

It’s not heroic getting crushed  

Not by your councillor’s campaign van

Still I got my wish

Sent above the dusty world;

No police, no taxes, no bribes


Never thought I could eat everything 

Anything I want and never grow fat

Today I  go anywhere on earth for free

No one sees you so you’re never kicked


But I wanted to give 

More than I could in my short life

Selling tea from a raspy rickshaw

Now I could help all 


Yet those most in need don’t want aid 

I brought a man to his son-in-law

He stood and watched him drown

The pole I tossed thrown down the river 


For students who could not pass their exams

I called out answers direct to their dreams

Formed clouds into correct responses

They kept playing games


When I brought rain to two villages

Three clans demanded the profits

Knifed each other and blasted the generator

Doing good never felt this bad


Finally I accompanied souls to heaven  

Yet many did not wish to rise

Claimed they needed to kill their landlord

Woo the lost sweetheart of forgotten youth

When I showed these refusers the great light

They covered their eyes

Shouted it’s not time


I often meet angels who weep like me 

Horrified watching new made history

I was there, I saw it, now I’m erased?

Such thoughts dim your halo


It’s no surprise life’s a disappointment

Yet the afterlife may disappoint 

Often I feel like laughing or screaming

Instead I do both


Rumor’s around the boss wants a shake-up

Endless reincarnation until all we get it right

I can’t guess  how long that might take

Should I request a new imagination?