In Translation

In Translation



Go f**k yourself!
Please go away

I feel your pain
I’m getting a headache talking to you

All of our agents are busy handling other customers
Don’t ever call again, okay?

It’s Genius
Don’t even imagine it’s possible

I’m doing everything I can to fill your needs
I >> U

You’re the best person I know
I never loved you

It’s been very interesting talking to you
I’m blocking all your contacts now

We send our thoughts and prayers to all the families
Nothing will change

America First
We’ll tell you when to leave

Your programming it totally biased
You’re not on our side

A woman has a right to choose
Women must choose the path of God

The truth will set you free
Liars use truth to hide their crimes

The people have a right to rule
The right people should be in charge

Elections keep people honest
If we don’t win the vote is rigged

Tomorrow is another day
Live each day as your last

Trust in today, not in the future
The future will be better tomorrow