The Bright Side

The Bright Side

You cannot view the dark side of the moon
Yet you might see the bright side of life:

Your pension doesn’t lapse when you die
You still can buy pizza on credit
Anti-depressants don’t make you fear sex and
Even bad sex helps you sleep
Your ex-mother-in-law has not learned to text

Truth and beauty still intrigue you
Your college grades disappeared in a fire
The mother-in-law paid for your funeral plot
The plastic Christmas tree has not fully faded
You’re pretty sure your lost dog loves you
Your cat refuses plastic surgery

Only bad TV programs make you hungry
When no one looks eat ice cream for breakfast
Better, you’ve a shot to join Mensa!
Last time you danced no one thought you were seizing

Your eyeglass script hardly changes
You’re not disappointed when you don’t read a masterpiece
Chronic canker sores improve on vacations
Lovemaking rarely makes you sneeze

Older women smile at you
Older men walk right by

Sometimes you catch the morning sun wink
We think you’ll manage