Assistant Angel

Assistant Angel

A ridiculous life made a choosy spirit
I asked for the inverse of my earthly failures
The work of light:
Assistant Angel

First duty
Tend a grave in the sky
No location given
Requesting to see my angel told
There’s no one to see
Can I speak to her?
You can speak to yourself

Next task
Grow a garden for a tomb
Raised fire hedges laced with lilies
Silver trees sprouting new black leaves
No one came

Last I was ordered
Construct a palace of snow
My edifice melted
A lusty love of ice
Brought a comet’s warm embrace

Finally I heard my master angel:
You learned nothing in your life
Now make stones from softness
Pull pity from thorns

I’d rather birth a rose, I yelled
And there it was
Blue and endless
A circling ocean in a black sea
Her new grave and garden
My daughter
My pure rose
She that I lost

Never mine to have
All that I now possess