Many Ways

Many Ways

Everyone asks me
So many ways to die
Starvation, eco-devastation
Fires and shot tires
Pistols and pesticides

But that’s a short list. There are
Ten thousands of diseases
Cancers and strokes
Failing hearts and viral darts
Rickettsia and dementia

Yet yet you can fall three kilometers off a smashed plane
Land in the Amazon
And live
Flee into freezing fjords
Swim a mile
And live
Get pushed off the pyramids
And live

Life likes life
We are born to live
There are billions whose
Memory of memories
Sings like our own

For all is information
Space, Matter, Time
Life is information that survives
Typhoons and tsunamis
Blasts of missiles
Deaths of suns

And when it asks what you did with yours
Expects no answer