Spinning Gaia

Spinning Gaia

The best change is
No change
The world takes care of itself

Coal is dense and dirty but
Built from the same stuff as diamonds
Its smoke ripples into mists
Softening valleys and nestling mountains
Cooling us from the heat of the sun

Gas flares’ crescent colors
Brighten the desert sky
Natural liquids that frame your glasses
Silken your hose
Gas and coal made from light and plants
Cured in the crucible of earth

A meat cleaver, a glass of whiskey;
Life’s ancient energy creates
Warms, bakes, cools, translates
All the great works of genius and history

And if there’s a tad more carbon dioxide
The Earth cycles and re-cycles
As you wait we’ll find a fix
Nothing stops science

So don’t give up that smoky blues bar
Nor your rocket-fast race car
Your museum’s sleek sculpture star

Gaia always takes care of its own
She will take care of you, too