I Am A Market

I Am A Market

Before I was a man I was a child
An idler, a citizen, a bicyclist
Taker and maker, yet now
I create data

I’ve got credit, health, clout and awareness scores
My location information tracked and hacked:
Do I prefer buying books to bumper stickers?
In the past I gobbled movies and macaroons
Now others consume me and
I consume myself

Everyone wants my info:
Was the last time I saw Paris
The first time I viewed Newark?
Do I hear God’s voice most clearly
Saturday or Sunday? (certainly not Friday)

My new needs never ending,
Sudden desires desperately unfulfilled
Yet a whole breathless world
Awaits my every choice
Pounces to tell me and sell me
All the great stuff I missed

My self-confidence soars like endangered eagles
So many now believe I have value

Each instant I ask what it’ll be today:
Space-holders or rockets to space?
Luxury goods or good housekeeping?
My eyes howl in delight

But I still just want to know
When I do afford to buy my life back
Can you help me set the price?