Fashion Immortal

Fashion Immortal

The client wanted clothes that shifted shape
Not just to her body but to her dreams
If your dress is a story
She would reveal her entire life

First she settled for the simple
Grey couture coats, shirred skirts
But then came her burning black bustier
The night she did so much with so little

Hang gliding Mount Shasta
Her emerald jumpsuit rising so high
She began teaching birds to fly
Our best bots raced to record each angle

The stories of her vogues made myths
People thought her clothes life-operas
Observing them viewing her
She could not sleep nor eat
If she might see their ecstatic eyes

Yet as her private life lost fire
She asked us to provide new plots
Dream fashions others must see
Fashioned dreams she would try to be

What we AIs advise she now lives
Her life defined by frocks
Bags and shoes – she adores pistol heels
They only shoot blanks; mere accessories

Her request when she dies
She and her clothes become fully AI
Wearing all her past and future lives

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