Goodbye, Earth

Goodbye, Earth

Earth – love it or leave it?
I plan both
We galactic geezers know
This game’s a closing show
It really is time to go

I’ve adored these past centuries
Living as woman and man
(Made sure the doctors never scanned)
Fighting wars, sloth and spam
Attempting everything I shouldn’t but can
Endless electronic life my true wealth

I petitioned, tried submission
Got lost, most lately found
Protested and contested
Told many what would happen
Didn’t find enough to listen

I’ve seen millions of refugees yearning to be free
Billions invested to eradicate bees
Devour the seas and smash down trees
A myriad of life
Laid to the knife

But your standard catastrophes
Nuclear war, hatred, far more poor
Toxic oceans and plastic politicians
Won’t cause the final end:
AI designed industrial fungi
Eating oil, genes and gunk
Should beat the asteroids to the punch

I’m still sitting, awaiting my ride
Even with wormholes, the galaxy’s wide
Though I’ve a traveling moon in a pinch;
And I plan to bring replacements
Last-chance disaster tourists
Can’t wait to see them again