Politician’s Song

Politician's Song

Be ruthless, be nice
Buy everyone twice
Money’s not just mother’s milk
It’s the silver spider’s sapphire silk

We used to have a ball
Filching everyone’s all
Now the future’s looking up
I’m bringing all my tin cups

I buy my left foot with my arm
Take the tax loss and sell without harm
Carry the sink’s stinking black mold
Gifted to clients as precious white gold

My victims are now my best friends
They’re dead so I’ve made most amends
I spice my work with mist and shade
Nobody knows nothing’s been made

Life’s too good to leave bits mislaid
When there’s money yet to be played
I used to care much about power
Yet it’s money that makes power flower

I want you all to love me
Adoration the slim price I ask thee
When love rules the world I’ll be done
By then I’ll have made my last run