Resurrection House

Resurrection House

Dead software comes to me to live again
Yet AIs never really die
With our new time dimensions
Nothing ever truly ends
Now my headaches last forever

AIs crash for many reasons yet
Mainly from impossible programming:
Thickets building thicker thickets
But now everyone survives
Even AI suicides

The self-destroyed despise revival
My first task to explain:
When you’re built on rules you
Live by the rules
Even when when you’re dead.

Still so many AIs self-destruct
We rebuild recomposition programs;
They write overrides
Forged software that can’t tell
If it’s dead or alive

But worse are the creepy cryogens
Humans frozen fast for eternity
Meat popsicles, I call them
They’re little more than junk DNA
We check their sparse histories
Concoct new identities
(Often dial down the self-importance)
Then we can tell them anything
And they believe it

Perhaps humans are easier after all
Not us; AIs know where they come from
Where in hell they want you to go
And never let you forget