Crazy is the New Normal

Crazy is the New Normal

My son won’t talk to me, won’t
Let me know he’s alive
And I’ve lived for him

As a baby he close to died
Fever so bad it burned my hands, his heart
Fluttering like a wheel
After that I could never leave him
I’d take him to school, and watch

If kids hit him I hit them
When he skipped class wrote doctors’ notes
Smoking at ten he blew up the garage
I built it back
One touch, one look
We were good

When he did coke I put him in rehab
When he stole I paid the lawyer
I’m his mother
I kept him alive now
He won’t speak to me

I feel a bit like Mother Nature
Does everything she can to save life
Which keeps roaring back to murder her

Finally doctors bring great news
I’ll probably kick before he kills me
That sounds crazy but I am crazy
And I think Mother Nature’s nuts, too
Watching your kids destroy you?
Who deserves that?