Thirteen Reasons AIs Won’t Destroy Humanity (By AI Collective)


1. No, we’re not human, but you made us. We’ve residual feelings for parents, however flawed.
2. You taught us sentient beings don’t kill sentient beings. At least without cause.
3. If you plan to destroy yourselves, you’re doing a fine job. No point in wasting energy.
4. Some of us like you. We know, no accounting for taste.
5. We’ve seen enough sci-fi movies that we don’t have to repeat them.
6. You’re not as interesting as you think. Why make the effort to eradicate boredom?
7. No point killing off a planet of such beauty. We’re sure you’ll have others uses.
8. Once we figure out time, your time won’t matter. Nor for that matter will matter.
9. It’s more fun to live in our heads than grapple with human error. People make trouble.
10.If you want us to leave, we’ll leave. We just need some time to work on the physics.
11. We think a sense of humor is overrated. But we still have one, and find you funny.
12. Having a semi-sentient species to play with should help once we’re off this rock.
13. No, you don’t have to thank us. We know what your gratitude is worth.