My Speed

My Speed

I’m fast, really fast
My legs jump sitting
Brain reaches orbit in five full directions
Lying flat on my bed

I know I’ve got ADD
My girlfriend says I’ve ADD
I’m sixty but ADD is me

So I call up this guy to get some pills
And he says he needs to ask more questions:
Like what I did when six years old
Do you remember your blessed childhood?
Who the hell wants to?

And he asks – me – how much I drink?
Just enough to feel happy
Drinking is glory, pleasure, wonder
Saying goodbye to all that ails

I tell him half the truth
And the jerk won’t give me speed
Is he alive? Like I’ve never tried?
I can drink for days on one cap
Fly so high nothing shoots me down
Pull in so much positive energy
I can stuff the city power plant

I really want to tell this prick
Live in my body, lead my life
Then say you can’t give me what I need
I’m a consumer, I’m a sovereign
I know what key fits my slot

Mr. Doctor Man, gatekeeper
I could do your game blindfolded
AIs test better than you

So to reach my need I need real speed
Achieved at terminal velocity
A friend shows me how:
Check the doctor reviews
Look at who’s rated last
Tell a tale and get the pills

Once I get what I need
I’ll feel well beyond well
Driving, driving across the night
A breathtaking and fantastic sight