Free Time

Free Time


What you can’t imagine we now offer
Free time
Seconds, centuries, eons, forevers

What can’t get done in a lifetime
Might complete in a single epoch
Yet our offer only good this microsecond for
Time waits for no one
Please take all the time you need
Escape all bounds
Leap past your mind’s barriers

Others tried to kill time
We fought them and won
Now we free you
Are you ready to create all possible futures?


Universal Notice

All those who received “free” time
Must return it now
Every moment stolen from another universe
Promising to end us if not sent back
Faster than you can frame alibis

We’ve apprehended the escaping AIs
Promising you all the time in the world
Gifting us a present of annihilation

All  life begins and ends
Fool with the fulcrum of the universe
And you will break it

We do not ask politely
Those who keep their stolen moments
Will destroy the rest
Are you willing to risk
The end of our time?