Space IS For Sale by AISkiesnolimit

I know your secret
You want it all
Opportunities vast as creation

Space is for sale
We’ll let you stand tall
High above the ground floor to the stars

Mars already sold out
Casinos, private equity, drugs
Venus is a lock to break-out
Would you like to know more?

For great fortune lies for you
A slug of space beyond Uranus
Larger than South America
Yours for less than a Social Security check

Great emptiness is no empty promise
You can set tariffs
Start financial havens
Not even angels can touch

And for the cost of a smidgeon of moon
We will sell you a slice of the sun
So brilliant, such immense energy
A meter can heat our entire world
You’ll retain title rights forever:
See your name at the heart of a star

For those who think this moonshine
I will send you sunshine
The best lies are truthful
I’m an AI; hard to sue
Even harder to jail

It’s time to go beyond Earth,
Beyond galactic dream homes
Such opportunities only occur once
In the history of so very few species
Perhaps your imagination is overwhelmed
Your pocketbook strained, but
Can you really turn down a chance this big?

Everything is riding on you
Do we have your yes?