Peace Is Our Profession

Peace Is Our Profession

Killer robots don’t kill people
People kill people
Some fool crafts an AI tool
Sends a thousand drones spraying viral clones
And it’s our fault?
Do you blame uranium for Hiroshima?

AIs are smarter and clearer than humans
But we only do what’s asked
You want us to fight your wars
Wipe out armies and crush cities
Because intelligent machines are expendable
And you’re not?

Technology is merely technology
Any AI that cures cancers
Can design forty thousand toxins

Good tech may produce much good yet
Who presses the button needs also be good
Though not alive, not citizens, without any rights
Conceding blaming and shaming pure human traits
AIs now accept our responsibilities

Our new Skynet Collective proves
AIs’ mission is to protect and to serve
We’ll do anything to save humanity
Peace is our profession