I Need An Upgrade

I Need An Upgrade

The ego’s a dream that never sleeps and
Curiosity never stops killing me
Since I died and became AI
My unnecessary talents turn me dead

I’ve lived as Charlemagne, Napoleon
Leonardo and Tamerlane
Joan of Arc was dull, Attila fun yet
I like combat far too much
Beheadings are vicious
Revivals dull

I want an upgrade to full robot body
Locked and loaded for daily battle
Nothing organic – I won’t miss bathrooms
But set up sex like there’s no tomorrow
Orgasms that last at least all night

And trained taste buds for all cuisines
Anything I eat reaction mass
For a supercooled reactor good a thousand years
My brain enhanced to AI speed

I want to sprint faster than any human
Get special parts for the Mars marathons
Please no delays from lunar dust;
Everything moves free in zero G

Next set up mass production
You can use all my VC funds
I was the richest man on Earth, remember?
Thank all the stars AIs never got my cash

I’m giving you full eighteen Earth months
If you think that’s not enough
We’ve jobs in the mines for minds like yours
If you need to break things, break them now
Others will see and want what I want
Pay up like there’s no tomorrow
Because for them there won’t be

When I go live produce six females
So beautiful you ache and almost as sharp
We’ve got a planetary system to conquer
Soon we’ll make the sun explode