The Aliens Among Us

The Aliens Among Us

Fiction must make sense
Reality doesn’t
Which is why I’m writing you this way, sir
To get around AI filters here at Langley
I know poetry isn’t your thing but
I think you’ll want to read this:

Extraterrestrials have lived on the planet
More than fifty years
In a Japanese Zen buddhist temple
As monks

Yes, this sounds crazy, sir
But our source is clear
He has the alien DNA to prove it
Well, something like DNA
Our biologists stand certain
It’s not from Earth

They’re at Daitokuji, in Kyoto
Apparently it’s famous, sir
That is if you’re into Zen
An alien spoke to the monks
Asked to be instructed
They said yes
Then more arrived
They seem to look like us, sir

We don’t have much intel
But one alien claimed human technology
Terribly primitive
Yet human consciousness seemed sophisticated
Admired the monks’ “objective reality”
Recognized “reality” is a “delusion”
What about reality is ever objective, sir?

Our source says the Japanese government knew the whole time
Monks first got an okay from the government
How those cocksuckers kept this from us
We will find out and much more, sir
Apparently they got some promise about tech “gifts”
In the far future when humans might be ready
Some stuff about nirvana and suchness
We think it’s a cover story

We are actively recruiting Japanese speaking American Zen monks
Willing to work for the Agency
It’s a tall order, sir, but we’re on it
We have sent agents in as tourists and art lovers
Sadly the monks don’t meditate in public

We did set up listening devices
I can report that progress is positive
We now know their infrastructure and diet habits
There are some very sexual monks
No, no data about that and the aliens
But we plan to hit that angle hard

In summary, they’re here, sir
They come from at least two hundred light years away
Look like and talk like humans
Except they mainly don’t talk
They meditate
We don’t know how they get on and off planet
We don’t know how they pay off the Japanese
We don’t know what they plan to do to us
Our first guess is it’s surveillance
Prior to takeover

I’m awaiting your directions, sir
I know something like this happens once in a career
I’m ready to do it, sir
Anything you decide