You Want To Be A Superhero?

Accountants are trained to avoid imagination
Biking in pelting rain I felt sharply cut
A metal spider? Spiked hail? Thick blood kept flowing
Felt dizzy, distant, stupefied, sick
Next morning floated above my bed
Filmed it quickly – four point eight inches
Late Saturday night flew home from the office
Clumsy as a squirrel on a witch’s broom

Now I perform like most superheroes
Save walkers, plug spaceplanes, cash royalty checks
Wave at glum grandmas who sweat in spandex
No longer worrying about Social Security
Always feeling more insecure

I’m pitched against smarter, crueler foes
Who come not to defeat but to kill me
I’ve almost died several times
The war never ends

I’m still dull as my dishware
Supremely attractive but lacking a partner
Fine dining = weird food in restricted portions
I can instantly fly to get ice cream I love
Why can’t it taste the same?

I miss shouting for Penny’s slick coffee
Nodding to women who never glance back
Grinning at colleagues’ demeaning jokes
My former friends claim I’m now an alien
More right than they know

Our standard enemies crooks and cheats
Cons who lie they love us to rule us
All such persist like flies and ticks
But then the needle ships arrived
Spacers who don’t seem our friends
My job now to watch them

But how did I become what I became?
What if the aliens created me?
Am I the traitor who doesn’t know treason?

I will follow and observe
Strike the enemy when the fight begins
But I miss the old clarity
I miss myself