It’s All Backwards

It's All Backwards

Upside down keeps turning round
When did the moon slink underground?

Radios crackle with loud lightning strikes
Divine thunder so noisy dials go dark
God’s voice proclaims his new champion
A fighter so right he must be right

His governing goal: place all in harm’s way
Doctors teach elders how to get sick
Each cough a cry of personal freedom

Teachers are taught what they can’t teach
Censors applaud and proclaim liberation
Children no longer coerced to read

They learn more on the field than in any class
Courage, honor, sacrifice
Ideas to outlast every professor

My dream is my lover and I share dreams
Clinging together, hands clasped as we fly
Across a land we once thought our own

Birds whistle at our clumsy flapping
Valleys of flowers spurt radiant showers
Lifting us up to barren grey peaks

Then these mountains turn transparent crystals
Split sharp in their centers between day and night
Ice fields shed paths of shimmering jewels
Life becoming conscious of all that exists

And we sleep steepled in wonder
Each elated dream turning hazy till
Rising light burns them off our eyes