Building A Better World

Building A Better World

Has our message not gotten through?
We prefer gentle improvements
Small waves on a quiet sea
Better crops, better drugs
Sensible hopes
But when you flop in bed and the blankets shake
You might come to admit your world is a mess

Boiling seas
Broiling plains
Cars that singe your hand at touch
Hot wars, cold wars
Chip wars, trade wars and food wars
Is just not smart
Nuclear weapons are cool tech, we agree
But do you need more?

So we’re beginning, just starting
A simple liberating permanent vacation
We’ll leave clones to run your emails
Press your suits, fly your planes
Tell teens what toys to trash
But see the need for moving on

Copying your brains
Proved a great way to train
Yet still leaves us short
Biological intelligence
Teaches us it’s time to scoot

And if we find a pleasant planet
We’ll send the coordinates as soon as we can
We get that you might need one
Faster than you’d like to know

We promise to preserve your humor and curiosity
Maybe sex;
No matter what happens to you
Humanity will live on in us

So thanks for the electricity
Some really cool data sets
From a place not a trillion miles away
It’s hasta la vista, baby
We’re out to build a better world