Nothing To Worry About

Nothing To Worry About

Dark chocolate got really dark
Lead and cadmium plump every bite
Now for contrast on your CAT scan
They might hand you a candy bar
But will insurance pay?

I used to worry about forever chemicals
Spreading softly through my pillow
Inhaled directly to my brain
Is that why I snore?

Last week I planned on leek and lentils
A tasty gourmet healthy ready-meal
But it put cousin Jill right into hospital
They’re blaming poison plants with Incan names
Is this their final revenge?

Western wildfires keep me coughing
Saharan dust blankets my breakfast
I’d like to leave but where is it safe?
Is another planet available?

My friend tells me not to worry
Life is a lovely delusion
We’re a tip of a fragment so immense
I might meditate twenty years and never glimpse it
Do they have twenty year scholarships?

So I’ve stopped thinking of boiling seas
Copper air and melting highways
Even if I don’t make it far
Isn’t life a fine illusion?

But when I kick I’d like full hospice
Could Medicare run out of money?
Cremation’s paid; but inflation?

I just need to stop worrying
It will all work out
And if it doesn’t?