No Man Is An Island

No Man Is An Island

I’m trying to buy an island nation
Not to run it, just to own it
Most Pacific lands can use a few bucks
When you’ve nothing a little looks good

Time’s wasting and I need a new home
Promise jobs and cash for all
I’ve got billions and their numbers are small

And after that’s signed we begin the real deals
Casinos, insurance, frictionless finance
Cash flow so fast no one should pay taxes
Certainly not me

And then I’ll become the next crypto king
Linking the currency to new minted coins
As a sovereign nation I’ll plump for space rights
Start making money that’s out of this world

When the Feds come I’ll beat extradition
I’m a national champion too useful to lose
Yet the heat they’ll bring might prove fierce
People I buy can also get bought

Then I might need to raise my offer
Move everyone before they sink through the sea
Countries dislike migrants; that will cost

Perhaps I should buy two nations?
Or just purchase an option?