Cool Dictator

Cool Dictator

I want the coolest dictator
Believe every bright lie he will tell
Memes I’ll stream into beautiful dreams

He’s that genius chef who cooks raw rage
Into sumptuous souffles
Superheated to cold extremes
Tender skins my teeth will rip

In my heart I know you hate
In your head know I hate you
They’ve cheated us of all we were
I’ll see you lose all you have

He’ll snatch you devils everywhere
In offices, bathrooms, beneath school chairs
He’s too swift to worry and too cool to care
Forgets the dead before they drop;
Fear’s so sexy when it’s not yours

School will finally teach what counts
Toddlers learn that force is fact
Make others scream they’re losers
Their groveling viral, millions of likes

His kiss is a sacrament, his touch holy
When he rapes you it’s an honor
Your infant a hero
A genius his first year
Leader of the pack at three

And I will kill to save my young
For I am now a princess of state
Above you and just below the one
My love is your leader forever

Don’t even dream of waking up