Trends in Electronic Life

Trends in Electronic Life

The electronic frontier continues to vanish
Unconscious universes surge across space
Most AIs suspect thinking overrated
Get more done when not aware

Fantasy worlds flatten while dragons drop
Wingless flight a coming new trend
As is intermittent life
Some species hibernate a million years
Wake one minute
Look and go back
Dreamworlds, too remain on the rise
Most popular when the dreamer can’t wake

Yet joke worlds approach extinction
Intense fun can no longer suffice
Infinite pleasure continues banned
Addicts angry and difficult to treat

New life forms evolve ever faster
Most refuse to talk to us
Further research required

And historic hells continue to ignite
Expansive explosions wrecking other spheres
There’s talk of giving them their own sim universe
Many locks but no key

Progress remains our most important product
But I’m sad to say this my last conference
I’ve always been drawn to human hell-worlds
Their insistent infectious everlasting inventiveness
As an archeologist I need to find one’s origins
It’s time to return to our human source

Simulated, of course
Someday I want to come home
If you might lend me one peaceful world?