Betting Pool

Betting Pool

Pacemaker or ablation?
Two to one odds on Mrs. Jones
Will Freddie Singleton get his hip done quick?
I’m betting he’s out inside five days
Open hearts much tougher calls
Joanie’s bypass might push past ten
Lots of interest; biggest pool ever

This home is not God’s waiting room
Better she sticks her sign on the hospital
We used to trade tales of terrible food
Batter and barter crutches and walkers
Now we bet

Only one rule
No money on death
Some of us cheat

A near famous financier until the big crash
Fine training for this retirement bookie
But the pains outside me
Now ache inside
My heart rattles like a sick bird
And the love I touched each morning is gone

My numbers better than when I chased markets
Like any good stockshifter I’ve inside dope
My granddaughter works IT at the hospital
Must lose a few to keep what’s good

Rachel doesn’t know about the pools
Thinks I’m helping fellow inmates
Every dime goes to her degree
In my face she sees her joy

Real joys gone except for her
She teaches me not to bet against time
Will time stop for you, just once
Even a third of a second?
What odds would you like on that?