I work hard
Study harder
Don’t have time for play

I read lots
What to eat
When to love
How to win

Take more supplements than I can count
Picture each podcast so it’s front of my eyes
Smile to improve my smile
Seek the secret sauces of success
Never cook a meal

My job’s crap
My boss’s a creep
Keeps saying I’m “really nice”
Like nice means stupid
Which I must be to stay there

But my degree doesn’t matter
Nor constant labor
Not even morning lunges and
Hundreds of thousands of steps
I trudge up countless hills
See the same summit

Am I stupid or the world?
I can’t let anyone know how pissed I feel
I work till I’m broke
Feel broke from work
What’s the answer?

These new AI personality remakes
The 100-day plan to chart a New You?
I can’t afford your best but
What’s the least you can charge?