Death interests almost everyone
Basic, lethal and universal
We know
No one gets out of this life alive

So when someone dies
We have to know why
What was the cause?

She was only twenty-nine
Was it traffic, murder, cancer?
A knock on the head?
Hemorrhage in bed?

Never smoked or drank?
Perhaps stroke or bad trank?
Yet no explanation is never a reason

For randomness does not fit the human mind
Our sense of hope, purpose, time
There’s must be a cause why
That plane fell from the sky
Lisa drove her car off a cliff
Fred dropped at his desk
Even if the reason bandits from the moon
No one should die alone in a restroom

So when the inevitable comes
We cross our fingers and rub our thumbs
Think perhaps the cause
Last night’s large vodka
My wife’s screwed up son
The heat that’s burning through the earth
Scorching my heart

So we’ll keep spinning the roulette wheel
Assured that chance can’t rule our world
And that’s how we get ready
Ready or not