Everything Costs

Everything Costs

Most all you buy keeps costing and costing
Payments come due and never let up
The fridge needs new juice every long second
A chatty phone shouts for more power
While your carrier kicks out half the calls

Before ignition is even touched
Your handsome car travels past you
Finance fuel insurance taxes
Superlong chemicals to keep everything shiny

Silk underwear needs unstinting care
Shoes must be brushed and stretched and cached
Pants must be laundered ironed hung
In closets that charge while you sleep
Rent or mortgage, every second counts

Yet when you think you’re all caught up
New costs appear up and keep rising
If crops can’t find pollinators
Groceries take pensions
Why keep a lawn when
Aquifers built over millions of years
Quickly turn to cold thick mud

Browning trees breed bigger fires
Cutting down forests faster than chainsaws
Red smoke clogs your lungs
But where’s a pharmacy to buy the drugs?
Even snakes fight to escape
But how to escape from yourself?

Then the day comes when the glaciers give up
Creepers and crickets crumple
The earth looks back and moves on
Speeding lost species into history
Someone should find the time to write

Everything costs and costs and costs
The future pays the bills
As long as it lasts