The Invitation

Is the unimaginable avoidable?
I’m asked to go so far
I can’t imagine how far that is
Can aliens be trusted? Can I?

Why drag us to their home?
They say sustaining life is why they live
Many species are needed to save the future
But why would people who can cross the galaxy
Want anything from us?

They might vivisect me and ply my brain
But could have done so a thousand times
We’d never know; their physics is such magic
Only a few claim to make it out
They’re shooting bullets at clouds

And who would want me?
I’m old and dumb
Soon will die; now the tumor sits
But quickly it will stand and walk

Perhaps it’s because I’ve critiqued my kind
Who believe this planet exclusively ours
All other species chattel of God’s bounty
With half of them gone, what say she now?

Yet what exactly do I have to lose?
Independence, freedom, my invisible soul?
Perhaps these folks will treat me as
I treat my dog Fiona
With loving, hopeless, pathetic affection

I will always miss her but
Not the mess we’ve made
If they make me a simple brain prep
I just turn AI earlier
And I’m taking a death pill along
Stupid I know, but I’m not that bright

Is this great adventure or brainless suicide?
A chance to save the earth
Or to relax and enjoy eternal torture?
You know I lack imagination
Don’t believe their claim we’ll return
But the truth might be told by those who stay
Their type of truth, anyway