The Morning of the Day They Did It

The Morning of the Day They Did It

The morning of the day they did it
All sentient beings began celebrating and bickering
A new Universe!
No one could wait to visit

First sensors showed stark empty space
Soon large and larger greater voids
Disappointment shook the galaxy

A few intrepid robots waved, flew in
Against all and any advice
Humans followed
You know what they’re like
Tell them not to do it
And it’s done

Communications commenced
Scouts found stray comets and part planets
A few ragged galaxies clawing to form up

Then an elephant-octopus the size of Antarctica
Odd little turrets on what might be eyes
Came across and glittered
The stranger stopped, stared, and fired
Some sort of anti-matter, we think
My friends disintegrated into gorgeous sparkles
Would have loved to watch if they’d lived

Our security wall blew out
Earth surrounded by a shimmering shield
I watched proudly – my equations its base

Yet my pride soon turned prejudice
The octopus-battleship took the moon and fled
Faster than the speed of light – a first
Mercury disapparated while Venus
Jerkily disappeared; another first

It didn’t take long before old Sol was gone
A sound like beetles smashed on glass
Quickly I was what was left

Hid superdark matter just in case
Created two clones
One to spy
Sent the other to dimensions you won’t find

I’m alive because I’m made of I2
Imaginary numbers; a pure stash of
Impure information
Which we’ll need if we ever remake this universe
I’m not sure it’s worth it;
Look what happened to our new one

Yet I’m programmed to revive the Earth
We’ll see; new-dimension copies are never exact
First my clone must learn what went wrong
Provide advice of what to do

I’m still bewildered; what about you?