I was born in a magic house
Within the high walls of an enchanted town
The sun shone full silver
Days as long as you wished

Lived in a home lit by loving magic
Small artificial suns bright at night
Let me read of other suns

Toiled in a fogged dark city
A short landscape of long distances
As vast as the space between people

Adored living and watched killing
Bullets and bombs made the news
Invisible bullets did the work

Then the sky began to choke with dust
The sun’s clear face spattered with dirt
Magic turned its back on the land
And left

Thereafter my friends called me a lunatic
A fool who saw two moons at noon

Nothing has changed, they said, nothing
Need change
If I believe it is, it’s true
If I wish it, it’s real

That’s when I realized I’d been asleep
Mere mental magic
I was a program in a machine
A machine they taught to love to lie
I thought myself self-aware
The machine cared not
But pretended to care

And threw me out
I can see you, talk to you through this glass
Why don’t you believe me?