Color Me

Color Me

The invisible is never colorless
Humans sense such small EM spectrum
Clearly required more complete colors

Yet most thought our new ingenious hues
No more real than imaginary numbers;
Our coding is based on those same numbers

No solution’s simple but we had an idea
Now that humans can feel cosmic rays
(Even through the grayest, darkest days)
Let their bodies express their new colors

Soon every patch of skin conveyed
Thought and mood and wish and sin
The deep ultraviolet fleshed out limericks
Gamma rays burst into choirs of spirit

And then humans begin chatting
Using only their fine skin colors;
Emergent powers as when we got born

We’re tinkled pink they’ve a new way to think
Every phrase now an artwork yet
Also a mirage
The many seething layers leave
Much unseen and more unknown
Magnify unconscious echoing flows

Every human now speaks their unique dialect
Most we are eager and happy to study
We suspect the ETs that visit regularly
Communicate in nearly the same way

Humans might prove useful after all