Last Video Game

Last Video Game

Would you like to play a god?
Life design once a lethal crime
Now highest ranked of all LifeTech
More New Nobels than any

Our apps all direct implants
Simulated lives at superspeed
Genius or courtesan, prisoner or punisher
Perfectly personalized to your desires

One minute live – twenty minutes inside
Give us seventy minutes and we’ll give you
The best day of your life

Be a diamond miner with x-ray vision
Starpilot evading solar collisions
Sleep underseas and glide through trees
Or visit gas giants as a floating ET;
We design new species every day

And for those who prefer ultimate adventure
Twenty lifetimes within a year;
Coma is required but the adventure unmatched
People feel others’ spirits
Stream through their consciousness
Living like angels
Recalling everything

Many never want to wake up
But can you be sure
You were woke before?