Newly Ancient

Newly Ancient

Teaching history but unsure of the future
I stumble to class like any small dinosaur
Checking for predators

Not this group; cemented to screens proclaiming
We believe in your bodies but not in your minds
They escape from history to advertising
With a single effortless tap

I try to imagine their daily ritual
Cheerios with micro-dosed LSD then
Social media and shrieked admiration
Letting each reach a new plateau
For synaptic revolution

If my Napoleon less appealing than their Kardashian
Is this a sign of my failing mind?
Will artificial sweeteners or artificial preservatives
Outlast us all?

Instead I’ll try a different scheme
Meditation and preparation
A friend for coffee and conversation
Youth is another country
I wish them well even if
I become a lost image
Of a long forgotten experience

The history of history teaches disillusion
But that ignores signal successes
If my horizon looks shorter it’s also larger
Brighter when I stare at the dayglo future
Much like drug highs of former days
The impossible is barreling right at us
I may be ancient but
I can still be new