Universal Cocktail

Universal Cocktail



Could we make the Universe miniature
Shrink it to microscale size?
It’s fiendish making the great small
Perhaps not doable at all
But the impossible is a challenge to any intelligence

After multifold failures we found a formula:
Shake reality through a sieve
Subtract politics, then mass
Dissolve time into space
Decompose and recompose each dimension

Then put in deep freeze and wait a really long time

Our result’s thinner than a playing card
Nice and cool – fits in a pocket

Yet it’s so tiny we can’t we find ourselves
And every time we attempt to leave
Walls and halls get lower and narrower
So small we can’t make any call
Do you think that you might help us?

It’s not charity
Now that we know how to make things small
We think we know how to make stuff large
Which might expand your horizons

Or what happened to us can happen to you.
Given a chance like this
How can you say no?