Never found the tumor that killed him
His dueling teams of quarreling quacks
All he’s got now is a bone-thin widow
What are billions for if you can’t buy health?

But I keep getting twinges
Gutting pains and throbs
Sticking back, neck, head
I know they hurt
Not what they mean

My health division buys me “best in the world”
Top stars in the Hollywood of medicine
They hardly touch but they love to test
With enough radioactivity to fuel a bomb
Next they’ll hang me on a Christmas tree
Arms spread

I need answers
They don’t
Just say might be, could be, possibly
Are these true opinions of fine liars
Or vaporware spun by well-spoken hacks?

I ask about my liver
They counter with my spleen
Now they claim it’s Inflammation
What the hell is that?
Numbers don’t lie, they say
Like numbers are different from everyone else?

My bones tell me something’s brewing
The experts just nod and stare
When I tell them I don’t want to be a shadow
They shove me in white glare

I’d prefer to do as kings of old
When I go they kick, too
My lawyers tell me that’s not right
But who pays lawyers to do what’s right?

Is this groin pain cancer
That twist in my chest a coronary clot?
Screw it
I haven’t had whiskey for a week
Of course I smoke too much
I spend my life with doctors