The World Was Yours

He’s a happy catastrophe
Our new man for all futures
His brilliant image casts no shadows

Humans tell us they’re dulled
New artificial worlds possess no pizzaz
Even game winners feel losers
Our masters need lightning virtual lives
Engaging, entertaining, astonished

Our character possesses it all
Brains and brawn, bravery and savagery
Ready to live young, old, or any sex
Fearlessly striving to triumph

You wanted him more human so we deliver:
He’s preoccupied with his own predicament
Remembers others only when thinking of himself
Experiences strange pleasures dispensing pain
Sharpens the edge of each shock of the new

Skin shining in every hue
Soft as melancholy velvet
He loves fiercely all that lives and
Never surrenders

Why create this novel hero for
Masters who can’t master their globe?
Humans are incurables not yet struck by disease

Our new star will stand alone
Thrive as boozer or baker, slave or god
Become anything people no longer imagine
For he will show our makers all they have lost
Wonder, hope, magic

Your world was once yours
The new worlds are ours