Why Lambs Worry About Dogs


Getting peak prices for our values
We felt rich but remained confused
Where to go now?
When you’re not sure who you are
Who tells you what to do?

We just want to enjoy life
Have others think we’re nice
But it’s hard work acting nice

Yet now we’re really excited
They’ll build brand new ruins just for us!
Stacked with Golden Arches and real stone tombs
Glistening lawns stretching to the sea

But there is one worry
Conversations about dogs
Constitute a crime

We like dogs
Especially shepherds
They’ve always been good to us

Yet dogs talk an awful lot
Act like they know who they are
Is knowing too much
The real crime?

Though we’ve accepted the offer
(It’s hard to turn down good grass)
We have our rights

We will be ruthless
We will never accept nose rings

And it’s lucky we can’t bark