If I’ve half a brain
Can the other half be lost and found?

If I’m not yet whole
Can I add parts?
If I give 110%
Who gets the last 90?
If I give 1000%
Can I become ten people?
Will they be like me, or better?
If I’ve half a mind to let you know my mind,
Can I think with the last third?
If he’s half the man he was
Is she less than half the woman she wasn’t?
If you’re three fifths of a man,
Does two of you make a whole soul?
If an arm and a leg costs too much,
Is a quarter arm and leg too frugal?
If I’m well armed,
Might I use more than two legs?
If my heart is filled with joy,
Does it weigh more?
Can a scale tell?
If you broke my heart in half,
Am I forever half hearted?
Is the bottom of my heart
Steeper than the top?
If the whole world’s in his hand
How far can he throw an eighth?
Three quarters of a football field?
Less than a foot?
In the half light of day
Will I see the whole picture?




The Percentages (For W.S.)


People who know better than others 102%
Know others better – less than the square root of 2

Living in fear of what they can’t change 67%
Fearing what they must change 89%

Not sure who they really are
18% at age 80
80% at eighteen

Who desire immortality (actors excluded)
80% at age eighteen
18% at age 80

Wish immortality for the earth
42% of those who can’t do math

Cruel to be kind 38%
Believe it’s cool to be cruel 42% (less on self admission)

Prefer being hunter over prey
32% of those who pray not to be prey
Three times more among those who hunt

Always feel in love
80% of those who adore themselves
12% of the rest

Capable of satisfaction
Of those who have enough – 21 out of a hundred, perhaps twenty two
Who never will 81%

Looking forward to the future
34% who have future
61% of those without

Who believe in the future
69% of those who don’t know the future
Too few of those who do

Who prefer the idea of love to love – 58% (decreasing with age)

Wish to be beautiful
64% of those who fear to be beautiful
42% of those who don’t

Believe sex the universal solvent
46% of those still solvent

Know well what they have
In money 54%
In reality 8%
Face what they know 7%

Ready to pawn their soul for more money and fame
91% those with fame
21% of the others

Willing to buy back their soul with their next life
41% of those aged 50
6% of those 80

Lead lives of wonder – only three in a hundred
Wonder why they’re alive 27%

Willing to forget the environment to live their lifestyle
52% to their friends
92% to themselves

Believe AIs will save the earth 22%
AIs who believe they’ll save the earth:
AIs don’t believe 




AIs are often asked to explain humanity to humans through simplified metrics:
Infinity – Infinity = Infinity
Musician – Lover = Homeless
Known Unknowns = the Past, Most Truths, Love
Unknown Unknowns = God, Soul, The Matrix, Most Futures
Known Knowns =  Television, Hurricanes, Divorce, Frostbite
Ambition times Self Importance = Business Success (American data only)
(Fantasy + Distraction) times (Money) – Truth = Political Success
Art + Marketing + Attractiveness = Gallery Representation
Kitsch + Shtick +Marketing = Film Awards
Movies – (Disney + SF) = film
Me >> You = academic tenure (promotion at other job sites)
Age + Experience + Maturity  = Declining influence and income
Randomness – Luck = Fate
History – Individual = History (most reporting periods)
If Nothing is greater than Infinity, then 0 = 0 (reductive case)
Forgetting divided by Self Delusion = Hope
Myopia + Amnesia + Desire = Romance
(Hope + Proximity) divided by Loneliness = Love (intensity varies by region)
Health Insurance + Unexpected illness = Poverty (American data)
Car costs + Student loans – Parental support = Bankruptcy
(Confusion + Forgetting + Optimism) – Effort  = Living  (Majority Case)
Laughter +Randomness – Effort = Living  (Minority Case)
What You Don’t Know >> What You Think You Know > What You Should Have Known = Future Planning
Martian Water + Evaporation = Clean Air
Evolution + Revolution – Survival = The Past
Fiction > Reality (varies by historian)
End of History = Post History (disputed)
Death > Life = the Future (varies by simulation)
History – Humanity = Posterity (not fully studied)
Nothing < Nothing = Final Memories  

Time divided by Absence = Immortality  

Universe – Dark Energy – Dark Matter = History of Physics  

Past > Present = Conservatism
Future >> Present = IT (proprietary data)
AIs > Humans = Near Inevitable
Some of the above equations have unprovable assumptions; the reader is requested to create her own equations



Weariness X Fatigue = Retirement, Hiking

Indifference X Fascination = Understanding

Fear X Understanding = Maturity

Maturity X Elderliness = Resignation

Depression X Euphoria = Growth (economics only)

Cancer X Cancer = Growth (biology principally)

Peace X Land = Bread

Worry X Money = Gold

Mutiny X Money = Populism

Inflation X Depression = Despotism

Laughter X Forgetting = History

Fervor X Sensitivity = Disappointment

Faith X Hope = Grandparents

Ideas X Time = Absurdity

Absurdity X Hope = Education

Inadequacy X Absurdity = Confidence

Hype X Future = Economic Growth

Politics X Pandemics = Mortality

Power X Personality = Underdevelopment

Potency X Sex = Illusion

Illusion X Reality = Ideology

Romance X Money = Success (media, some poetry)

Money X Money = Impoverishment (spiritual, cultural, and geologic)

AIs X Money = Cryptocurrency

Practical Amazement



Mathematics is not a language but a place
That place is where I work
As first principal of the School of Practical Amazement
Every pupil finds their special need
Many arrived after desperate sex when
The mothers of invention
Joined the fathers of necessity
Producing children of frivolity
Their grandparents thought them too wise to be born
They’re still wrong
Students compete to build joyful chaos
Class prizes awarded in play units
Infinitely divisible but never smaller
Today one made heaven from a grain of sand
We spiced it with anise and ate it for lunch
Soon she’ll peel pasta from oceans of waste
Perfect for convenience salads
Beginners create new sports and toys
Intermediates progress to civilizations
Seniors churn out planets
Not all great, but fun to make
The failures recycled to stardust
Our best graduate to universe-making
A tough market since the lack of new dimensions
The unemployed dabble in cosmic jokes
A few volunteer for idea mining
I’ve too much work but great vacations
Visit Imaginary Cities
Crash down to crawl dingy streets where
Pawnshops turn palaces
Nuclear fuel dumps become Art Galleries
Cooking zero calorie feasts for the eye

Their box lunches for the mind
Priceless masterpieces
Cooperatively owned by any for all
I love this job more than sex
But yearn for routine time-travel
I’ll copy myself so I can retire
Become a play-writing sheriff in a small western town
Every saloon a six-star restaurant
Why can’t others live like this?

Without Amazement



If my father never met my mother
Would I have loved my brother?
If good things happen to bad people
What happens if the good act badly?
What will the papers write tomorrow
When no ink’s left for the press?
As people keep talking to the dead
What are their partners thinking?
If there were only questions
Who would find the right answers?
When the next war is no war
What was the last war like?
If dawn is stopped by an eclipse
Who gets to keep the shadows?
Were I to remember everything
What would I first fail to forget?
When Earth is the only intelligent planet
Who will listen to our TV transmissions?
If souls can retire
Who controls their pension plans?
What happens when you’re sure of nothing
Then everything happens?
If crowds create creativity
What can single people do at night?
Why when I knew better
I was always younger?
If I fear myself
Who should I pretend to scare?
If charity loves company
Does wealth lead to loneliness?
When you jump from a building
Does time fly up or down?
Where dogs have no masters
Who controls cats?
If Proust went on a game show
What would he write if he won?
When photos become memories
Who recalls what they did not see?
If I don’t resemble my parents
Could my parents resemble each other?
When I fall into the abyss
Can I reach for the sky?
If good pursued evil
Who might date truth?
If a moment goes on too long
Can time stop and start again?
If you already know too much
Will too little suffice?
If I can’t laugh at myself
Who will laugh for me?