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The Sublime

In words? 

You can’t 

Like explaining infinite series of N-dimensional Hilbert spaces to drunken cicadas 

But since you demand: 

First, time is much higher and shorter than you like

Until you realize it’s a hardly there.

An illusion which vacates itself for space  

Yet space is not a place

More a migraine spread across universes

Rapidly merging into multiverses that join, reach supernova


Matter does not matter because there isn’t any

An after-image once fundamental forces misalign

Matter keeps getting vacuumed by space, raped by time

Left stranded without sustenance

At which point it totally disappears 

For you, not a good sign

Running a universe on dark energy is humorous,

But comically fails – poof!

Conjure some time and you’ll see for yourselves

What I might describe are feelings

You don’t forget that first meeting 

Mouth-breathing stars through the top of your head

But infinity is   

Earsplitting, reverberating self-annihilation 

Once you die many times you begin to learn  

Existence only an overrated error

When you realize nothing is everything, that

Identity is pointless 

You will stay forever nothing

Which signifies complete understanding

Got all that?

Does living in a fake universe make you feel good?

The mistake I made was coming back